I'm Steve, better known as LM (short for Longmao, my Chinese nickname). I'm a Certified ESL Teacher from Canada. In 2016 I started reading kids books to my nephew in China to help him practice his English studies. Soon after, many other people started asking for recordings of these books. Since then I've created an online community to help people of all ages practice English language studies with a variety of methods including a talk show, WeChat study groups, and a series of online courses here.


大家好!我是 Steve,来自加拿大的 ESL 教师,中国小伙伴亲切称我为“龙猫”。2016年,机缘巧合下我开始给我的中国外甥豆豆读英语绘本,很快很多中国小伙伴要求分享。从此,我和我的团队开始为中国各年龄阶层的小伙伴们录制英语学习音频。搜索微信公众号“龙猫英语”和“小龙猫英语”了解更多哦!我和我的团队也开发了精品课程比如“妈咪英语”,“旅游英语”和“龙猫美音课”。更多精品节目正在制作中,敬请期待!

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