At The Airport


Check In / 登记;领登机牌

Vocabulary / 词汇

  • flight: [flaɪt] n. 飞行;航班
  • passport: [‘pæspɔːrt] n. 护照
  • luggage: [‘lʌɡɪdʒ] n. 行李
  • backpack: [‘bækpæk] n. 双肩背包
  • carry-on: [‘kæriːɒn] n. 可随身携带的物品
  • overweight: [ˌoʊvər’weɪt] adj. 超重的;过胖的
  • boarding pass: [‘bɔːrdɪŋ pæs] 登机证; 登机牌

Sentences / 句子

A: Can you please put the luggage on the scale

B: OK!

  • on the scale: 在称重机上

A: Can I please see your passport?

B: Sure, here you are!

A: Only one carry-on is allowed.

B: Ah, thanks for reminding me!

A: OK! Here is your luggage tag!

B: Thanks!

  • luggage tag: 行李标签

A: Here is your boarding pass, you can go through security now.

B: Thanks!

  • security: [sɪ’kjʊərəti] n. 安全
  • go through security: 过安检

Security / 安检

Vocabulary / 词汇

  • take off: [teɪk ɔːf] v. 起飞;脱掉
  • bin: [bɪn] n. 箱柜;盒
  • boots: [buːts] n. 靴子(复数)
  • shoes: [‘ʃuːz] n. 鞋子(复数)
  • jacket: [‘dʒækɪt] n. 短上衣;茄克衫
  • metal: [‘metl] n. 金属
  • watch: [wɑːtʃ] n. 手表

Sentences / 句子

A: Please step forward!

  • step forward: 往前走一步

A: Please raise your arms!

  • raise your arm: 举起手臂

A: Sorry sir, you have to take your watch off!

B: Oops, sorry!

  • take off your watch: 脱下你的手表

A: Is this your bag? May we look inside it?

B: Yep, go ahead!

  • go ahead: 请继续;可以

A: Thank you! You are good to go!

B: Thank you! Have a good day!

  • You are good to go! 你可以走了!

Boarding / 登机

Vocabulary / 词汇

  • lounge: [laʊndʒ] n. 休息室;候机室
  • gate: [ɡeɪt] n. 大门;登机门
  • boarding area: 登机区域

Sentences / 句子

B: Excuse me, can you please tell me where Gate 24 is?

  • Gate 24: 24号登机口

B: Excuse me, I am running late, my flight is boarding, thank you so much! Sorry!

  • I am running late: 我要迟到了!

B: Pardon me, I am in a hurry! Sorry!

  • in a hurry: 匆忙

A: We are now boarding Flight A123 from LA to BJ.

  • flight A123: A123航班

A: May I see your passport and boarding pass?

B: Here you are!

A: We are now boarding rows 20 through 35.

  • row: [roʊ] n. 排

A: Welcome to WestJet!

B: Thanks!

  • WestJet: 西捷航空
  • Departure / 出发
    • At The Airport / 在机场
    • On The Airplane / 在飞机上
    • Baggage Claim And Customs
  • Arrival / 到达
    • Taxi And Traffic / 的士和交通
    • Hotel Check-in / 酒店入住
    • Hotel Check-out / 酒店退房
    • Dining Out/ 出外就餐
    • Shopping / 购物血拼
    • Emergency / 紧急情况
    • Basic Etiquette / 基本礼仪礼貌
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